Creative Nonfiction: Today’s Thoughts and Mood: A Truthful Account – 29/08/19

I think it’s time that I write how I feel today, a truthful account, that I will put to my name. Everything seems hopeless, I feel as though I’m nothing, not worthy of anything positive, to be written down, nothing joyous or amazing. Nothing can cheer me, it seems as though today’s sharply crested waves [...]

Story: A Saddening Tale: This Way To Loveville – 29/08/19

Red-Sweetheart was blissfully ignorant, he thought their love tale was pleasantly unfurling, accompanied by joyous chords of major keys, independently bright, no sense of dissonance. There was no sense of unrectifiable yearning. Little did he know that his Fuchsia-Loveheart was secretly wearying of their love story, wishing she could escape the moment he passed her [...]

Story: “It’s Not My Size!!!” – 27/08/19

“It’s not my size!!!” the joey shrieked. Her voice could be heard for miles, for thousands of feet. “I...DON’T...WANT...IT!” she enunciated, while for each syllable she stomped her feet, she was the most ungrateful marsupial the land had ever seen. She threw off the over-sized fuchsia sweater, and with definite difficulty she scurried over to her mother, [...]