Poem: The Dancing Genie – 19/09/19

The dancing genie has released herself this time,
A flowing effluence of movement and truths.
Serene, eyes closed, she strikes a pose,
Replicating the stilling of time as she once knew.
Because, when she is free, her world does not turn,
No longer does her current captivation of life feel as if an err,
She has not been summoned, she has permitted the escape herself,
The dancing genie who flows with a perfected
consciousness and a warming sense of wizened mental wealth.
How she’d been slighted by her past summoners,
They were purely propelled by greed,
At meeting this genie with recorded, positive history,
To make meaningful and real their inner dreams.
They used and abused, didn’t accept her for what she was,
Used her for their gains, and ignored her flowing, ethereal thoughts.
But with time she learned to associate the rubbing of her lamp
With the selfishness of the summoners of their outer land.
And she stopped allowing herself to be forcefully beckoned from her hideaway,
Instead remaining still, quietly resting,
Until she could remove herself from the lamp
For another expression of her emotions through the freedom of contemporary dance.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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