Poem: A Poet’s Winter Sky – 06/06/20

A winter’s sky,
weather crisp,
sights so blue,
I sit outside by the table,
drawing my thoughts out,
they fly;
I peruse.
Above and around me,
they permeate in the
sharp, chilling yet
welcome frigidity,
floating like pieces of a puzzle,
of which only I am arranging.
A word here,
a phrase there,
then suddenly something
has become,
my will, my hopes,
have been done.
And in this space
in which I quietly exist,
this realm which is
my own,
I lay ownership
to my creation –
the crisp air, blue sky
has brought this about,
another pattern has been woven,
tightly sewn.
How I love this finality,
but the work is not yet complete,
more revision to make it so,
time to extract the laptop,
carefully type the words up,
will they be enough?
Will Winter smile upon me
for what I have told?
She has been so forthcoming
with her ability to chill and to shine,
these words, these phrases,
will she be pleased?
Will my efforts be recognised?
And finally, I am finished,
satisfied I am with myself,
these moments which wafted
around my mind,
no longer singular pieces
of a poet’s daily grind.
The former puzzle of themselves,
now held together in a certain style,
I hold the resultant product close to me:
a hard-earned prize,

and huddled in my thick jacket,
I radiate a beaming smile,
Winter has inspired me,
I feel her mirth,
her approval,
this joyous feeling,
I will treasure it for a bit and a while.
© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo my own.

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