Poem: “Autobiographile” – Text and Spoken Word – 24/07/20

“Autobiographile” audio
I have experienced this before and triumphed. 
I have ridden the tempestuous waves and reigned freely.
I have arisen from the waking dead and become full of life,
now an ability to see, to breathe.
I have lived, and I have learned,
and this is what I wish to be seen.
Personally, I’ve taken chances, I’ve danced around the point on many occasions,
I’ve felt exalted and indulged in certain forms of delectation, 
those which cut the edge, which sharpened minds,
but which drained a soul, caused a family’s divide.
I am lucky to be unconditionally loved,
I was always forgiven.
No matter the paths I took, I sought, I willingly wandered down,
because my curiosity definitely killed the cat and allowed certain truths
to be explored and owned,
I didn’t decide to perform such missions as a means of breaking others,
it was simply my choice,
selfish decisions, that reflected upon a family unit, 
brothers, mother, father, others.
I know their love for me is ever-lasting, ever-supportive,
they are there for me,
to watch me grow, as I stem the pain from my soul,
and to exuberantly join in to celebrate my rises, 
and encourage me to soar from my falls.
Their support means so much, 
I'm so lucky to have them in my life,
everlasting is their love, their joy,
for me they'll never cease their mission, 
their encouragement, their fight.
No matter whether I’m being positively critiqued,
or with crushing honesty,
appealed to to sound less selfish, or self-centred,
even when it wasn’t my intent, 
I know they’re meaning to help me,
to disallow my work from seeming egocentric, 
but Family!
my work is central, it is about me,
that is my style, I’m an autobiographile, a new term I’ve coined for me.
And now I smile, because things are going on their way,
I write, create, edit, release every day,
I feel my efforts are appreciated by others, as well as myself.
The simple joy of learning and loving and embracing the art of poetry,
it makes me tingle and shiver,
this is the genre, the art form for me,
nothing else.  

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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  1. A wonderful appreciation of the support you’re given — and for the joy of creating. Indeed, there is much joy to be had in flowing your creativity out and shaping it into something and sharing it with others.

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