Poem: Glow – 04/08/20

an inner shine,
an expression of iridescence,
skin glimmers with sparkles which fly.
Within I feel this glow,
this feverish warmth of mine,
within I experience
this flushed state,
it is magic,
so utterly divine.
My heart blossoms in my chest, 
it is blooming,
an unravelling rose
which calls to the world with her 
radiance and femininity,
her glowing, her inner glow.
For I only hold love now,
true tenderness,
cast aside is the broken hurt
and unwelcomeness,
I need not dwell on prior
I am blossoming
I am growing, within I can feel love subtly permeating.
A wealth of experience
beats and pounds,
it draws my focus to the past,
thinking of this causes a
punishing prick,
an unwelcoming thorn,
and the crimson droplet proves
that to dwell now is not the best means -

I should not reminisce,
upon the shreds of hope
within my past,

they were merely flickers among
swimming disappointment,
the false brightness
a rare bliss which did not last.
I treasure my rose,
I stroke her budding petals,
I dust my nose upon her fragrance
and know that this bloom,
should be well-looked after,
treasured, admired,
but never stolen,
never kept without succinct permission,
she shall thrive without intent or indecision,
shoot forth without any warning,
she will exist without any formal admission,
towards the light,
towards my mind,
this heart-and-mind interaction is a true calling.
My rosy heart has returned after so long,
I must celebrate her arrival from temporary exile,
and now the scent of fresh red roses is 
welcoming and formidable,
for other hearts have returned to meet mine
and I am pleased,
this notion is incredible.
While nervous anxiety arises,
by no means is this situation terrible,
I will meet others with open, welcoming hearts like
the bloom flowering within my chest,
oh, how she flourishes,
how her petals glisten and shine,
in a circle we roses come together,
from past hurts, we will formally depart,
never to be revisited, naught dared to be recalled,
the future to be assigned as respectfully theirs and mine.  

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

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