Poem: Suggestions – 30/09/20

I can attempt to suggest,
not forcefully,
but subtly,
allowing another to view
from a different perspective.

To take into account
other angles of a problem
and what can be
done to cure what is
ailing them.

If not, altered alleviation
can be key
to disallowing inner frustrations,
potential travesty,
but only if the other
is open –
I only wish to promote

Unlocking those doors,
breaking down those walls,
allowing assistance in,
I’m more than willing to listen,
but hark,
let me explain another position,
there’s more than one way
to describe Life’s unwanted conditions.

I can extend my care,
I wish to be supportive
and understand
the stressors,
have them heard,
felt, shared,

but in the end
I hope we can find
a positive direction,
not end up with us
travelling in an argumentative direction.

It’s important,
I hope it’s known,
that I do want,
wish to be here
and attend,

but together let’s
work at solving
the problem
with positivity,
we can make a change of that
poorly dealt hand.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash


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