Poem: Winsome Dreams – 17/12/20

The reflection in the river is
crystalline and sweet,
it abides by the directives of
hidden, winsome dreams.

I am calm sitting by the water,
I trail my fingers shallowly,
I wonder to myself,
will I grow,
will I succeed,
what will I need?

What’s internal is enough,
my strength and courage,
steadfast inklings are sleek,
not rough,

the slim possibility of
future untoward histories,
lay broken, snapped,
in the riverbed nearby,
moments never again to be seen.

I feel the air well inside my chest,
as I take in everything truthful and freeing,
nothing encumbering,
no lying,
no deceiving,
I just need to be powerful in these moments
to succeed,
to stand my ground,
to fight for what will cause my heart and mind
to positively careen,
amazement all around.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved. 
Photo by Alan Labisch on Unsplash


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