Poem: Stitched – 28/12/20

Brightness, wholesome, warmth.
Everything because.
Everything near.
Everything far.

I mend and stitch and fail because
that chasm need not fixing;
it’s meant less darned,
more gaping,
it does not need my solving.

This situation is no longer my responsibility,
I listen carefully,
hark at the words,
knowing that allowing myself to fall
by the wayside,
is the decision best for me.

It’s self-preservation,
and protection of thoughts,
and protection of that smarting feeling
within my heart,

the sadness, I will rise above
and smile despite, because,
I was a part of something,
and now, no matter that I’m not,
I’m still intact,
and that’s a fact.

(Early Nov. 2020)

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved. 

Photo by Lisa Woakes on Unsplash


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