Poem: Personal Growth and Sunshine – 31/01/21

The sunshine drips through my windowpane, illuminating, brightening, my heart, my mind, I am finally at peace, there’s no need to search nor find, I am satisfied, satisfied with the breath of my life, my soul it feels so light and kind. Nevermore will I search arduously, high and low, painful, the path impatient but slow for completion through others, through acceptance and [...]

Poem: Morning Chatter – 29/01/21

I’m all out of cares and concerns, leave behind the airs and trials, there is no haughtiness or sinister circumstances, view the alterations for miles. Those dreams which haunted the mind but only last night, are they pointing to, are they signalling signs? Obscure and strange, but there, in existence, to be analysed within the times? [...]

Poem: Breaking News – 27/01/21

The journey is almost over, the pain, the suffering, the ailing, all to be washed away from the nights and the mornings, the bravery is there to be seen, highs, lows, during so much time, she’s been stoic throughout it all, the therapy has not seized her courage, or taken away her positivity, she’s been fighting and carrying on throughout what has sometimes been a struggle, demonstrating her resilience and capabilities. [...]

Poem: PRN – 26/01/21

Look what they’ve done, prescribed those tiny bullets, dissolving, smoking gun. The lacklustre effect is taking, lethargy, it is growing, malaise, it is not helping, boy, these tablets are not assisting. But perhaps they’ll calm the mind in due time, relax, replenish, make the thoughts intertwine, as though ivy would, or thin rope, [...]

Poem: Not Quite a Love Song

Allow the dripping of honey to coat the seconds together, let the hearts join during the moments of playful banter, but don’t permit the times to destroy the frivolity, the joy, the joviality, to switch to seriousness, to gruff, forlorn momentum, for the arrangement of seconds to become less than tidy. There is not rhythm nor rhyme [...]

Poem: Beliefs – 24/01/21

Believe me when I say finally the path is being laid. No more erring, not more wandering down the garden path, curiosity calling, my eyes bright and prowling, hoping to happen upon a sumptuous sight of reverence and beauty, truth and humility, friendship and loyalty, trust, and above all, a tight-knit family. The weave in my Life’s wefts [...]