Poem: Her Heart’s Art – 07/05/21

She may not overly demonstrate
the possession of a heart,
undue compassion,
that’s not her work of art,

she’s tough,
she’s staunch,
but she’ll fight for you,
straight down the line,
she’ll give and give emotionally,
more and more,
despite it being to her detriment,
this is the way she lives,
her style.

The presence of her tender emotions
are oft’ hidden
in a way,
these days she’s calmer,
her karma does not allow for
uncomfortable, negative affray,
she simply wants to live
a fruitful life that
welcomes her,
and she’ll look after those
who’ve proven to be there for her.

It’s like a tug-o’-war
except there is no
winner takes all,
no more dragging
across the line,
all grow together,
those close-by,
they enrich themselves,
while they enjoy themselves,
leisure then time to toil.

The rope never slackens
because their lifelines are so taut,
breathe in, breathe out,
power struggles are often naught.

And if they arise,
she will allow space
for others to calm,
she won’t humour vapour from
false dragons,
no more will she engage with this,
no more.

It is easy now to see
the spaces, the shape of her heart,
she’s power
without denial,
she won’t allow the upsets
of others to tear her apart.

She is a giver,
a manifester,
she creates prosperity for herself,
long gone are the days
when she had need to analyse,
perform a scalpel’s catharsis,
unnecessarily and unwarrantedly delve.

The experiences she went through,
they were eventually such a learning curve,
because here she is,
pleasurable experiences in her life,
it turned out she did actually have much to learn.

A kind human being is what she’s become,
and her heart,
it’s a quiet work of art,
if she’ll only allow you to see it,
open those doors,
beg her to begin,
beseech her to start.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

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