Poem: Release – 13/06/21

Naturally, gently allowing
the walls to crumble,

Watching the open space
bleeding into atmosphere’s
righteous, wild unknown.

Shreds of wisdom
fall by the wayside,
replaced by newer thoughts,
the yarn, my thread of life,
it is taut,
so pleasantly, beautifully taut.

Geraniums are laid by
the broken, shattered walls,
where once I wailed for more,
for understanding,
to be noticed,
truth be told,

yet here stands I,
brimming with confidence,
exuding inner success,
it’s not about material possessions,
I am truly, irrevocably blessed.

I am dreaming
of my purpose,
what feels so right
in the moment,
barrelling through
inconspicuous tirades
of words formerly held,
their refute against what I most admired,
now their former plight.

I am valuing my truth,
I unwind,
zig-zagging my way
here and there,
for in my mind
I am now free of pain
and this is
truly a sight to see,
I’ve tamed, released, and purged
the demons from me,
no more fear to bear.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Noelle Otto from Pexels

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