Poem: On a Journey – 20/06/21

I am in control of this life,
my hours,
my minutes,
in increments
I open my eyes wide,
blinking languidly.

Heavy sockets decide
whether to carry on,
hold onto the
relics of former years,
a light-worker’s mission is
never done,
belligerent calling,
exhibited now:
flashes brightening with split pictures.

I absorb each moment
as it dances before me,
like eager cottonwool
soaking up fresh, atmospheric bliss,
away with old, dim, dank gloom.

My head presently rings
with glowing pains set into place,
I trip, I smile,
life’s somehow not gone to plan,
sometimes time does go to waste.

But I embrace how unknown music rings,
turns itself out,
the melodious harmonies
growing richer, brighter, cast aside fears,
no room for doubts,

keep quiet promises near,
begin to breathe intuitively,
and wondering
at the journey,
amazingly devout,
my soul is resonating
with its yearning,
from within, out.

Incredible joys threaten to swell with
personal pride,
away with irreverence,
I’ll smile,
much left to gain,
my truest moments are beginning,
I’d tried so hard, in vain,


listen to me, Universe,
I’m finding my path at last,
no roads, no avenues, no lanes,
this highway is direct,
it is introspective,
is intuitive,
barren of old, crusted negative pains
away they’ve been cast,
finding true direction at last.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image from Garon Piceli on Pexels.com

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