Poem: This Time of the Morning – 21/06/21

Sudden apprehension as
I stand at your earthly shell,
instant regret as I knock,
ring all bells,
the nervous demeanour as I
seek more of you within,
knocking, rap, who is there?
Could you become a
future next of kin?

Barrelling waves of desire
as I dredge courage,
haunting hour,
expel from me
what keeps me meek –
hunting woman, be brave,
elders have told me.

But, you will not budge,
protected, curled,
defensive ball,
like a slater-bug you could be rolled
in any which direction one would
want you to go,
but healing you choose
to be,
eyes closed,
breath shallow,
yet thoughts so heavy,
I can imagine tired eyes,
red, raw and bleary.

Heavenly is the state to reach,
blessed be,
enveloped, no more defences,
arms carrying,
a protector I can, I will be,

if only you’ll open the door,
allow me in to see,
together, let’s introspect,
find the solutions which
will presently free.

This time of the morning has always been
good for me.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo from Pixabay at Pexels.com

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