Poem: Green Shoots – 27/06/21

Green shoots press their way
through compact heavy weight
of rain-drenched soil,
I watch them rise,
peek through the surface,
surprise! their ends seem
to call,

reach toward that sun
drenching them,
a morning of rich rays
warming them,
the heat permeates my skin,
and I wonder,

am I like these shoots,
growing with others,
precious company,
shared devotion to growth,
our fresh lives
visions renewed?

The blades of grass,
I glance upon them
with a certainty now,
their simplicity of presence
seems a sign,
a reminder from the
Universe to reach forth,
be brave, shoot upwards,
onwards with goals,
whatever I treasure as my own.

I dance my fingertips
across the very tippy-tips,
the tactile nature of
assumed hope and enrichment,
speaks of passion, courage,
bravery, innate power,
against my softened skin.

For we are all in stages of growth,
some rise quickly,
others a little slower,
but truth be told we will
all reach our own fate,
onwards, skyward-bound,
forever Sun-reaching,
life is beautiful,
fruitfully revealing,
utterly amazing,
potent, unravelling,
each day’s a precious date.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photos from Pexels.com

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  1. Smiling, as I envision myself a resilient blade of grass rising through the earth, struggling for air, bursting forth, and reaching, higher and higher….What a vivid experience it is to read your work. I love this wondrous piece, just like all the rest of them! Lovely, dear Lauren. ❤️

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