Poem: Welcome Visitors – 31/07/21

Away with me as I fly
to sea,
watching the world fall beneath me,
I am free
to see the wonder and
the mess of my land,
that space in between
falsity and reality,

I need to realise the scarcity
of danger does not mean
that it is non-existent, but rather
it is there lurking,
attempting to gain its
personal power,
but what is the point in delving
when no one is there to commence caring,
to begin embracing,
to be there, understanding,
baring my soul
for a silent audience?
Shall I ever know?

Did my words have any impact,
will their truths finally be shown?

I realise the long and short of the matter is
that if I soared, on my own accord,
there is no need to be admired,
or reassured,
no requirement to be acknowledged,
a certain word barrage,
and then I will know,
to myself, that there is
a time,
a place,
a space,
for when I will be known for the words
that I have sewn.

The cobwebs can remain in my room
for as long as they like,
because the host,
their lady with the most,
will always be home.

She will greet you when you arrive.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

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