Poem: Arrival – 02/09/21

Bass throbs, soulful beings,
sends hope forth, ecstasy springing,
accumulative movements,
dance, stomp, flow, singing,
heavenly brightness, utterly amazing.

Grinning, growing, flowing,
feeding the memories with presence
of mind growing,
understanding not of false currencies,
but true depth, the priceless act of self-knowledge.

Enrichment of beat, melody, beat, flow,
watch all breathe together,
exist, inhale, delving powerful unknowns,
fluidity of momentum,
yet treble and bass must war as one,
disharmonious then tacit agreement
portentous enlightenment ne’er come undone.   

Now, follow the music for
your own vivid truths,
enriched understanding,
crimson red, deep blue infused,
dance to the flow and rhythm of
your own unique path,
you’ll arrive,
you’ve arrived,
finally, at long last.  

Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
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