Prose: River of Consciousness – 15/09/21

I feel the river of consciousness flowing, the flow of ethereal joy growing, and the prism of light shine and increase within me, a quiet sense of knowing. Knowledge that life will continue to improve, it is with focus and intent that I’m aware I’ll keep this view, with positivity, an ample amount, enough to dampen any sense of fear or doubt, in myself I have trust and the knowledge that to myself and close others, I will be able to remain devout. There can be occasions when I wonder, have I strayed from the righteous path, was there something awry I performed, or have I mistrusted, an inability to inadequately and naively discern, when really I should have upped and away without a goodbye, from past experiences, perhaps still never having learnt. And the truth of the matter is that often there are circumstances which call for the separation of one from another, without occasion, without proper rhyme or explained reason, for the state of the spirit, it is required to be done, to be gone away from them, without a single word. Their hearts, once appearing warm, have turned cruel and unkind, perhaps self-serving, in a short time. Others, certain types, will be afforded soft explanations, but these may be few and far in between, sometimes nothing is warranted but a deft ascension. A momentous breaking, of a declared separation, of something that turned out to be a farcical and unwarranted, something only aiding a certain type of them. And now, as I listen to quiet flow, of gentle meditations, I know that everything will be fine, for I am allowing this to be so, in subtle time. The tick-ticking of the two room clocks no longer perturbs, but sets a gentle precedence for one another, incorrect in a way, but right in a type of odd style. As though falling into each other, meant to be there for every second for one another, endless, ongoing, with stoic fervour. Isn’t it nice when we are here for one another? A calming click-click, as the seconds tick unevenly with the softened music within my ears makes me calm, flow with the river as I speak from my spirit within, rolling out with words to speak, not with anger, not with a din, with a wave upon wave of undulating rings.

Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
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  1. A beautiful reflection upon living with awareness of all that surrounds us and is within us…I love how you play with time in this piece, dearest Lauren, and how you elaborate on the paradox of life; and finally, how you ensure that the self is at the center of the love that is transpiring. Beautiful. ❤❤

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