Poem: Deliberate Change – 17/09/21

reduction of meds
equals reduction of stability
you’re questioned whether what you’re doing
is right for you
but I know it’s important to get this poison
out of my system
to slowly cleanse myself of it
it’s been soaking my mind
tainting my equilibrium.
it can’t be healthy to be on high doses
for years and years –
when you are struggling the most,
perhaps it’s important
to have these as bandages
to cotton wool my mind
with white fluffy woollen balls
but I need the reality
of living without so much chemical restraint
I’m just taking matters into my own hands
it’s only weeks that I am not going to wait.
the edginess in reduction is the worst part
the raw red feeling
of being scraped against a
venomous spiked ceiling
being dragged upside down
feeling discomfort,
exhaustion to the highest degree
this dose has been with me for years
I’m getting rid of it perhaps a little too fast,
deplete it from me,
just damned well leave my system,
let me breathe.

Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
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  1. Thank you for sharing this authentic and vulnerable piece! How perfectly written, I especially love the last few lines. Amazing as always, my dear Lauren. Keep shining ✨🖤🤗

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