Poem: Not Worth The Upsets – 21/09/21

Deliver me from the evils that await at the hands of certain beings,
an understanding that what they project in life is the pain they’ve already been suffering,
or a notion that the signs they exhibit are the nastiness wrought within their souls,
perhaps they’ve been hurt already, perhaps they just have a cruel heart,
perhaps we won’t know at all.

But the missing pieces of the puzzle won’t inextricably fall into place,
in fact, they might fall by the wayside under their devil’s sweeping cape,
little minds who wish to play games may think theirs are engorged,
but let me tell you this, dear friends,
I believe bullying behaviour is extremely untoward.

It’s as though they want to ruin another for their sheer pleasure,
a wreaking of revenge because an ego became snowed under,
I am the process, I am the deliverer,
I will not allow myself from useless words to suffer.

Stronger than the poison that seeps from veins,
a fighter within,
I shall never emit to them the words ‘je t’aime’,
unworthy of my belligerence,
untimely expulsions from my spirit,
my perturbed soul,
now I know,
they weren’t worth the upsets at all.
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

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