Poem: Healing as One – 26/09/21

Speaking my truths,
remaining adamant, though no longer nail and tooth,
calm and personable,
gone are those moods, deplorable,
able to deal with behaviours that are not necessarily toward,
becoming more knowing each moment,
calamities? No more, no more.

I don’t deal with belligerence,
I operate with positivity and light,
ill feelings once needing combating,
these are not my plight,
I have cast aside the worries,
won’t take on any if not for good,
soaring with triumph and knowledge,
I know how to be,
what to do.

It’s as though pieces have fallen right there,
into place,
the Universe doesn’t need to call me with haste,
for I am here and now,
in this very moment,
I’ve become,
I don’t need to fight to be heard,
and I know I won’t again come undone.

Stability within me,
courses through fingers, veins, thumbs.
Existing, breathing in and exhaling slowly,
I am finally as one.
It’s like I have reached a personal understanding,
I’ve turned that private key,
unlocked my fierce momentum and made it ease,
found a quieter place deep inside of me.

Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
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