Poem: Let Me Say – 03/10/21

Let me say
the things I want
to say

the hazy prisms of
the lustrous day
envelope my cause,
enlighten truth
I know as yours.

Wither down the
inextricable feud,
gasping for air,
no need to brood,
encapsulate thy intent,
so plain to see,
irrevocable, Heaven’s
sentience surrounding me.

I know the righteous
never die,
intentions living long,
and alive,
despite the inept moments
when one sheds
their oars,
floundering then skills
coming aboard.

Do not fret, my friend,
for you will succeed,
I know this,
amongst the blustering breeze,
that when hearts combine,
conjoin as yours,
my throat closes,
I’m shocked,
but I’ll continue,
truth toward.

It’s just that little moment
which annihilates
the far-flung flings
of rattling circumstance
and tired feelings,
there’s more to life than
constant analysis
I am sure,
brighten the mindset,
relax, welcome,
never be bored.

Automatic be the
emotions coursing
throughout me,
I can control them,
should you care to freely breathe,
what is the point,
the rhythm and the rhyme,
take back those words,
time beats time.

Infiltrate my memories,
surely make them yours,
silence the circumstance
that refuses to soar,
and weigh it heavily down,
a glass prism,
surety yours,
at least in this moment,
you’ll come out as more.

Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

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