Poem: Soulful Journey – 25/10/21

Ride the carriage with ease,
soulful journey,
as pleasant as you please,
the wind in my hair
as I whistle and need
fresh breath filling my lungs –
joyous moments felt and seen.

I take this ride away
from yesteryears,
travel forth,
there’s no need to fear,
I have been here before,
many eons ago,
but I am well versed
in these rules,
there are none to relearn
or know.

A delicate pathway winds through
the countryside,
sights to see, sounds to hear and feel,
I am buoyant in this life,
it’s as though
I’m not wandering anymore,
enough was enough,
I’ve transformed more,
and more, then more.

Physical and mindset
adjusted for the better,
keep myself in tow
as I chase this delectable weather,
the climate of my life,
woven perfection, becoming more,
what’s in store for my future?
Even I’m not so sure.

All I know is that
I don’t need to know,
for this journey, the pathway
seem ready for paving,
and its construction only
I’ll know,
where each little tile sits
and where I’ll cement the
blueprint plans of my dreams,

and maybe I’ll find someone, or something
who will join my searching and end it,
though discovery,
discovery, is not as important
as certain other things.

Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
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