Poem and Spoken Word: carry on – 14/11/21

carry on carry on
there is no time to regret
past mistakes are mere moments
take them with a grain of salt
nothing more they’re already spent
learnt lesson learning lessons yearning for more
in a while
because what is suffering is my heart
aching heart
for quite some time
with many a-frantic style

carry on dearest
there is nothing to fear
look forth for something sparkling
to focus your dreary eyes near
because you deserve that light in your eyes
the widened delight
god knows I was suffering many eons
many plights
just to meet my match
my path my past all down the drain
in fright? No, I will wrangle my memories
and set them alight
spent many hours weeks years
detailing this fight
this desperation
for someone to complete me
but here’s the crux of the suffering
I am here already
I am me
I don’t need to reach a hand out
to clasp another
to airily dream
to encapsulate me with this ambiguous other
for time, precious time
so much was wasted chasing mice not men
and then underneath the surface
were cataclysmic moments
but why ponder
why go under?
trudge forth
no, fly free,
being the best that I can be
and then I’ll announce myself as ready,
ready for the world to see
well, I’m already prepared, perhaps already there
it’s the journeying that means this much
so ever much to me.
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

Photo by Alexandru Acea on Unsplash

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Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose


  1. Wow, what a fantastic poem and spoken word, dearest Lauren. There’s always so much power in your language, and getting to hear you speak it, heightened that power, and provided the reader with a visceral experience. Wonderful. ❤️🥰

    Liked by 1 person

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