Poem/Spoken Word: be yourself – 17/11/21

they told me, be yourself
there’s only one of you
nobody as unique as this self
I didn’t believe them
I kept trying to be different
to change me
to be more beautiful or clever or wise as I could be
better than the others
better than me
better than I could ever be
a better version of myself
but I was never good enough for me –
how could I be right for anyone, everyone else
when I wasn’t even pleased with
what I could see?

the constant ache of needing to upgrade
this or that
change that facet
smash this mirror
piece together the image
the mosaic the picture
until shattered became commonplace
and right
and I became resistant to whatever mode
or method I tried to employ
to better myself
selfless? I don’t think so.
Not at all.

But driven to be more positive now
certain things don’t matter as much to me
as the more important things
such as being happy
gracious grateful
a better, bigger person
not just skimming the surface
delve beneath the layers and find
what truly matters

I think I’m finding myself
I think I’ve found what is important
and I will grasp onto it with jovial contentedness
and enriched hope
that there is no illusion to find
to discover
to disclose
it’s simple –
being in the throes isn’t necessarily what is insinuated.

it’s a matter of speaking
it’s a method of being
it’s my manner of living
to be incredibly doting and aware of the sacrifices
given for me
to enable me to have even been here to
enjoy life as it is or wasn’t or will be
the gift of even being able to traverse these journeys
I’ve gone on.
and I’ll continue living and exploring this dream
reimagining life for all it can be.
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

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  1. This is such a beautiful poem…no, not just beautiful…coz it’s beyond beautiful…your journey in your own voice….”delve beneath the layers and find
    what truly matters” ❤️✨❤️💫

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  2. A great poem. It is hard to accept that being true to one’s self (and pleasing your true nature) is what really counts. We get tied down by the concept of pleasing others and living up to their expectations whereas, in truth, if they are important to us then they will only revel in our joy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Chris. 🙂 Yes, a very pertinent viewpoint you have raised and shared! We can fear fulfilling what our hearts truly desire and yearn for because we are concerned in upsetting others in succeeding, when really, yes, if they care for and love us, they will watch upon us with joy and pride at achieving in our growth. 🥰 Thank you for your readership. 💕

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