Poem: friends forever? – 08/01/21

Crazed night full of backstabs and bites
and false sugar sweetness relax into this dream
there is understanding there are laughs there is fight
there is wit pomp and circumstance to cease this inner fight

she shrieks about the hell beneath her world in which she lives
she attempts to share her knowledge and more but
the bunny rabbit only questions and sings

annoying character is she but shields the devils face
with deep, deep chagrin upon him

Wonder not the times of treason of incorrect submission “
or that Libra you are for searching
you will find her deep within me.
For I am your saviour within this life, within our dream.
Friends together, if you’ll let it be
so mote it be so mote it be.

Copyright © 2022 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.


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