brew – 29/01/22

A devoted love
a timely course of medication
times of ascension
but more the fall the paranoia indeed
I’ve become part of that world
and it’s brought me to my knees

I slither and crawl like a serpent queen
medusa’s hair is unravelling so it seems
I do not know, I cannot undo,
the times of manipulation, distress, and a delicious inkling of you.

soups of minds and offal too,
witches brim and witches brew,
we create the times we create the rhymes but quiet quiet yet
from prying eyes these secrets must be kept

desired mindset of wanton needs
I watch inextricably while others secretly spy and dream
upon our hushed and excitable interjections
irrelevant, your honour, their condemnations.

I was a patient, I am ill, I am recovering,
you admitted her, admit this, still?
you keep her under lock and key
without a shred of hope for release
no set date no set date
checkmate checkmate
I’ll know soon, and soon they’ll know
the true meaning of a boom and pow.
But this bittersweet love tale is not so bitter nor sweet,
he attends to me daily
and I love him, they shrug, roll eyes, say to themselves oh so it seems,
however I shall remain strong and keep him a little dirty secret until this admission
is posted in public.

© 2022 Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose. All rights reserved.


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