poem: mysterious way – 20/06/22

This was written for the prompt “Wings of wonder” from @writersaroundtheworld, hosted by @whitepurplezainu.

— Mysterious Way —

My eyes scan the skies

wings of wonder carry me

away from demise after demise

the positives multiply

enriched with courage

dismissed is fear and fright.

Impending light then streams

source reaches forth to me

a calming presence lights my face

my complexion is alabaster

glowing to be seen.

With wings of wonder

I can explore once-gloom

now resplendent enlightenment

fulfils my mental space

my very own private room

this is not to say that there is

no worry, no suffering, nor any dismay

but the pathways through these

are carved and tamed in a

method that suits me

in my own mysterious way.


© 2022 Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose.

Artwork by 18796645 on Pixabay


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