Lauren M. Hancock

Lauren M. Hancock is a poet, artist, writer, and classical musician who previously created under the name of Alice Well (a play on “all is well”). She is the author and illustrator of “Our Whimsical World: Illustrated Stories”. She loves to explore and express her imagination through her creations, placing them on paper or canvas to share with others, to elicit a smile, a chuckle, or a moment of thoughtful pondering.

Her love for writing poetry enables her to explore and express her innermost feelings and life experiences, drawing upon these to express, from her perspective, her views in relation to others and herself within the world. Through her words, she explores a multitude of concepts. These range from love, obsession, rejection, acceptance and appreciation for others, and other subjects.

Lauren enjoys creating bold, colourful artworks, and for some time, penned stories to stand side by side her artwork. Her sense of humour often shines through her work. Lauren’s passion for words melds with her vision for her whimsical style of art.

Artist’s Note:

When it comes to my art, I love to create joyous images, bright and bold, to allow others to smile or giggle. My love of words allows me to share a background, or link, if you will, between the backstory of an image’s character or characters, what their stories are, a glimpse into their world. There is happiness and joy all around us, after all. All we need to do is just open our eyes to them.

I’ve always been interested in creative writing and illustration, from a very young age. I have always wanted to be an author, and when I was a young girl in Year 6, aged 12, one of my future aspirations was to become a children’s book author and illustrator. I have achieved this dream in 2019 when I published my first book.

One of my biggest artistic achievements was receiving a subject score of 50/50 for Studio Arts statewide in my final year of secondary school education. I had painted three large thematically linked images – a triptych – with oil paint on large pieces of plywood, in which I explored society’s effect upon the individual and its pressure upon a person for conformity of image.

What I love is sitting down and creating art and writing poetry or short stories. I can get lost in the process so easily. This is my release, and the words that accompany them make me smile, laugh, or feel positive that I’m creating something with a message for my viewers and readers. My target audience ranges from young to old – I feel there is always a little something for everyone in my work.

“See Saw” (c) 2019 Lauren M. Hancock

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