“Our Whimsical World: Illustrated Stories” out now

I’m pleased to be able to present to you Our Whimsical World, my debut collection of illustrated short stories, published October 2019. I had so much fun illustrating and writing these. Each story has a lesson or moral to be learned, with the collection being divided into three separate sections according to younger, slightly older, and older readers.

"Welcome to a land of colour and wonder, where children and adults will giggle and ponder.

Take a breather from life’s whirlwind pace as you relax and explore the amusing realm of Lauren M. Hancock’s colourful imagination.
Our Whimsical World is Lauren’s debut collection of short stories for children, young adults, and older readers, fully illustrated by Lauren’s own vibrant and joyful artwork.

Lauren is also known as Alice Well, a play on words that conveys how “all is well” when she creates. As Alice, her extroverted and artistic alter-ego, Lauren first began to express her inner creativity under the shelter of liberating anonymity. Now, Lauren sheds the cloak and comes into the light to express her humour and flamboyance.

Gather your family around for story time, Alice’s way, and dip and dive into the tales of Our Whimsical World, whose carefully embedded messages speak to young and old. Delight in the light-hearted journeys with your young ones, relish the more serious ones for older audiences, and ponder the meanings and messages proclaimed at turns loudly and softly.

You’ll giggle at Geraldine the Giraffe, learn the power of giving from Hippobottom the Heiress, and be surprised by the circumstances of Cosy the Teacup’s distress. Observe the unconditional friendship between Bert the Turt and Trudy the Beet, learn why self-acceptance is something Igor the Eagle needed to seek, and unfold the meanings and morals behind many more tales besides.

Pick up this collection today and spend many fond moments reading, filled with beaming smiles and chuckles that will brighten your day and give you a renewed sense of wonderment at life."

I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy the whimsical journey.


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