Prose Poetry: Dancers from my Dreamscape – 27/04/21

Perhaps there’s a waltz in the room while I’m stuck in my head. I imagine the costumes, the dresses, so pretty. The lightness of step, but winding of intents, I wish I could join them. But here I am, a quiet observer instead. The pairs of beautiful dancers, they twirl and slide, their feet lilting gently, heads and eyes held high. They are sure to be admired; the sum of their grace is a strong total. They are a sight to behold, in my mind, in my mind, in my mind. Their fluidity is whole. [...]

Poem: Sway – 07/04/21

A dainty bow signals a gentle approach,  the lady will accept without any form of reproach.  She takes his hand and they twirl, swirl with glee,  palm to palm now,  solemnity,  there is no chance to flee.  In perfect style, they then waltz and careen, to others it’s as though their joyfulness has ne’er been seen,  but today, it is on show, [...]