micropoetry: process – 01/04/22

speaking a language, in tongues befitting adark dagger-like crown,with a purity hidden deep within auric angelitesurrounding anaemic complexions withtruths damned-well-tolds,a peeking into the gloom of their dastardly hidden rooms,roam, oh how I will roam in lairs of darkness,invitations extending to no luminescent process,luminal passageways to their hearts,navigation with most careful of prowess. © 2022 Lauren [...]

Micropoetry and Artwork: growing pains – 09/12/21

sometimes growth still yields many forms of separation... mistrust, paranoia, apprehension,brothers and sisters envisage the vision before you, neither be forceful nor misgiven, for tis the season, tis the season, for giving and living,smile, dear friends, for we are together, in part, until the ending.so now, bright lights, deep sparkles, heavenly ascensions, extending the loving, [...]

Poem: newly forged – 05/12/21

the sun shines out of bright reverent eyes beautiful beautiful connection wondrous times and style fervent shared passions and running running lines of rushed feet and hurried paces breath controlled so divine the pounding of the pavement in sync in time rising pulses rising as full as my heart fills with heart song twittering breadth of new knowledge the connection so far unknown a Saturday from quietness from my home to his a stranger welcomed inside.

Poem: true fool – 24/11/21

from the depths of my soul from the gateways of my being I shudder with anger distilling through me its not purely the behaviour which perturbs it’s the repeat offending I know will remain present and untoward some will never change this I hold true pity me for believing I am a true fool. Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.