Prose: Freedom – 29/05/21

I trust the magic will imbue, with my soul it will carry me through, into the Great Unknown, where hands and eyes await a certain prize, something to peruse, some agent to get high, to ride on euphoria – these days, it’s time, karmic balance, get paid. Their surrounding palms reach and reach; through a black hole, they rise forth, making some regret wanting to live, and those eyes, beady, uninterrupted, staring orbs, they could never placate disaster, never cause a broken heart to mend, to become less torn. [...]

Prose: A Trail of Winding Thoughts – 12/05/21

On the proviso of keen awareness, some can promise the world. Vivid, glorious, blossoming flowers, and pretty passions laid in a row. Everything given has a reason, or so it seems, amazing these moments are, they’re encouraging, they certainly please. And here presents confusion of the times, wait, the headiness of scented fruits scattered all around takes a free-for-all, but they are sublime. This situation seems profoundly positive, satisfying and amazing, soar with the scents, ride upon spread white dove's [...]

Poem: Not of This World – 26/01/20

She is not of this world,  borne of an entity and a place where daggers and betrayal are commonplace, inside her heart lies dainty ticking time-bombs.   In her world, featuring prominently, are those egos, egos, ergonomic and plentiful, potent in their intoxication, and scents of creation, fresh, tall and poplar, she is not of [...]