Poem: friends forever? – 08/01/21

Crazed night full of backstabs and bitesand false sugar sweetness relax into this dreamthere is understanding there are laughs there is fightthere is wit pomp and circumstance to cease this inner fightshe shrieks about the hell beneath her world in which she livesshe attempts to share her knowledge and more butthe bunny rabbit only questions [...]

Micro Poem: Along the Dotted Line – 03/07/20

Could you condense yourself into a single line? You, every fibre of your being, exposed, viewable, entwined.   Who’s that knocking at the door? Pounding, “I’m here”, your intrepid war cry, single line, single file your name scrawled with mine. © 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.  Image by Julie Rose from Pixabay https://youtu.be/fyzGXV7NX7Y [...]