Poem and Drawing: Jacqui’s Worldly Beauty – 27/07/19

Picturesque Jacqui striking a pose. When Jacqui looked into the full length mirror that day, What did she see that led her astray? Was it the small bump on her nose? The purpled birthmark above her left toes? Or the misshapen right eyebrow that needed delicate plucking and multitasked managing? Everything Jacqui could see before [...]

Story example: Gerald the Graveyard Caretaker – 27/07/19

Ghouls can be viewed in differing lights. Gerald was a peculiar character, he possessed strange characteristics, oddities that stuck out, character flaws, personality antics. He was awkward around men and women, and only felt comfortable around ghouls, of the graveyard in which he took care of them. He faltered at the sight of a real [...]

Drawing and Checklist: How To Be Turtley Awesome at Life 101 – 26/07/19

How to turtley rock at life. ·         Never hide, ashamed inside your shell, always reveal your true character confidently, and be yourself! ·         Don’t be afraid to express the ideas in your mind, for others will appreciate your thoughts of this kind. ·         Look in the mirror and smile, you are beautiful, one in a million, you are [...]

Story example: The Pear Who Lost Her Shape – 26/07/19

Lucy unintentionally became unhealthier and gaunt. Lucy the Pear had always been of a hefty size. Because of this, throughout her primary and secondary schooling years she had been bullied relentless, emotionally tortured, several times a day she couldn’t help but hide in the bathrooms and sometimes sob hysterically, or even just silently cry. Her [...]