Story example: The Pear Who Lost Her Shape – 26/07/19

Lucy unintentionally became unhealthier and gaunt.

Lucy the Pear had always been of a hefty size. Because of this, throughout her primary and secondary schooling years she had been bullied relentless, emotionally tortured, several times a day she couldn’t help but hide in the bathrooms and sometimes sob hysterically, or even just silently cry. Her tormentors would follow her into the bathroom – she was not even afforded the time to personally self soothe. Cruel and nasty were her bullies that they’d relish verbally attacking Lucy as soon as she reached the school doors; some even waited for her at the oval’s gates, where she walked inside the premises each day, shaking to herself, thinking, “Will they tease me some more?”

It was utterly disgusting that Lucy had to deal with such atrocious behaviour, for thirteen long years she tried to hold her composure, and despite keeping their behaviour a secret – she did not want to be a burden – she came closer and closer to deep depression with her great suffering. Telling Mum or Dad would result in no end, of their telling her she should not care. For, she had once suggested that she was being bullied, and her Mother and Father poo-poohed the idea of this.

“What could they possibly bully you about?” her father had demanded. “Your weight? YOUR WEIGHT? Why, you’re perfectly normal sized for a rich crispy treat to be devoured.” He went on to say that they should thank their lucky stars that Lucy was such a confident, strong, and self assured fruit, that nothing could break her skin, their rudeness would never succeed nor compute.

By the end of schooling, Lucy had had enough. She wanted to lose her shape, just… because. Nothing to prove the bullies right, the idea that image was of more importance, that she’d starve herself just to feel alive, no! It was for herself, for her peace of mind, as well as her health. While Lucy was not extremely overweight, she was unhealthy. Her doctor had mentioned this to her on more than one occasion, and never, ever briefly. He had placed her through stress tests to check her fitness, checked her blood levels, her cholesterol and discovered the results were certainly less than the best, and he urged Lucy, on multiple occasions to take care of her health, internally, not simply visually and superficially.

This was it, the month after graduation, she kick started her healthy lifestyle with a new diet and a fresh new exercise regime to be performed daily. And how she worked so hard over the next six months, until finally, slowly, others began to notice her gaunt face, her bulging calf muscles and grew concerned, but Lucy said, “Enough is never enough!” She’d continue on with her obsessive daily exercise onslaught, in fact, she was now exercising three times a day, each an hour and a half time slot. She barely ate these days, egg white omelettes made of three eggs were her main source of protein, she stayed well away from carbohydrates, and for dinner only ate lean meat and greens.

Then one day, she encountered a crunch of pears roaming the street, they jeered, pointed, beckoned, cackled that she was far too thin.

“What happened to your shape, lady?” one cat called at her.

“Yeah, why are those little pears following you? Bad role model you most certainly are!” With shock, Lucy scurried away, and in a passing shop window, she glanced at her reflection and decided to remain there, to stay. She suddenly realised she looked terribly ill, like a pear undergone emotional torture, stressors only more in store. Her facial skin sagged from lack of fatty tissue underneath, her cheekbones protruded, her jaw line jutted, with wonder and amazement she thought, “Why could not I see?” From buxom and curvy, to now deathly thin and incredibly unhealthy, she knew she must rectify this.

Having swung from one polar to the other, her aim was to feel satisfied with being in the middle of one another. To have time work holistically on oneself, yet time to relax, within the stress and whirlwind of life within themselves. Two recently acquired friends who she had met in the street, Steve and Amanda, kept her mind on her dream. To be healthy and look after herself, and regain some of her delightful curves which should be seen. After all, she was a pear, she was meant to be known for her crunch and curves to slink a hand along. Within the next three months, Lucy, with the emotional support of Steve and Amanda, regained a healthy weight, and obtained much confidence and personal happiness which she had never felt before – it made her want to burst out into song. They celebrated nightly, humming and singing along.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock, also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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