Poem: Siesta – 24/01/20

Afternoon siesta, weather moody, growling, sweet, curl into covers, tucked in, slowly drifting off, as common though as beautiful as the morning mist.   Muscles so relaxed they might ooze off bones tender and supple, anonymity in the dreamy fields, a fervent chase begins, of your placating love, still worthy. © 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. [...]

Poem: shut-up prizes – 24/01/20

Contemplate ahead of the moment where precious jewels sparkle upon fingers of mad yet calculated women, where even madder men will fight to keep them happy but with their demands, ongoing, complaints, eternal sufferings, maddest men’s eyes look elsewhere, for new hands to bear, new hearts to win over.   The bejewelled, once beguiling women, [...]

Poem: An Arresting Freedom – 23/01/20

Teeming with truth is the garden pond beneath me, little goldfishes and ginormous catfish sharing the same muck, and breathing the same strangling air. There is no poisoning permitted within their world, no time for man-made deaths, perilously cold, creations of old. They have this amazing ability of not bumping into one another, as though [...]