Poem: Never to Return – 22/01/20

She ran though my dreams last night,
footsteps slightly off kilter,
her gown dragging with the airs of freshly bought freedom,
I smile to myself,
she is precious.
She is fleeing but that won’t stop them.
The twisted cavalry usually searches for cadavers lying on the cold morgue’s tongues,
a desire to appear as the darkened souls that they are,
but this time they are seeking the living –
it is at the request of another,
it is in their best interests she will remain untouched.
They finally spot her,
she is tangled with the trees,
their fiercely hungry arms catching onto the very gown
which promised her freedom.
I feel the tip and turn as she disorientates,
her world soars and then slams
into a hessian sack,
a perfect place for inedible green sprouting potatoes,
she is transported,
to her meeting place of judgement.
An almighty bellowing, I shudder during the rage,
what is going to happen to the little girl,
a woman made adolescent in her thinking,
an undeveloped level of maturity.
She was halted,
marred by illness,
her mind stunted during precious formative years,
so, we cannot blame her,
of life and suggestion we can only recommend.
Remove her! the cavalry are instructed,
bring her to my nose!
And, they do so, because they know that with this giant
his desires must never be ignored or overthrown,
and here he observes her with keen interest
as she stands, miniscule on his open palm,
shuddering and quietly whimpering, like an anxious puppy on edge,
she somehow knows she must fight to keep quiet.
He roughly strokes her head with a heavily ridged fingertip,
within his eyes is pleasure,
he must learn her,
then discard her,
learn every piece of her,
take advantage of the moment,
then keep her for only long enough
that others will know of her absence.
Then return, return,
to my fleeting dreams,
to catch upon something else,
and remain forever lost,
never to return home,
it seems.  
© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
All images signed “LMH”
are copyrighted 2019-2020 by Lauren M. Hancock
and all rights reserved.

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