Thank You!

I want to extend my sincerest thanks to you all: my blog now has over 400 followers! I am both so humbled and excited by this. I never would have thought when I started my site a year and a month ago that I would have so many fellow creatives interested in viewing my work. [...]

Poem: Quelled – 22/08/20

Night time should promise depth, and warmth, and promises, whispers of sweet tomorrows, and tight caresses, dreams, and deep rest, instead: three hour’s sleep, then wide awake in the same evening, sleeping for half hour shifts, then rising, eyes searching for the time, wishing it were later, silently begging.   This sleep pattern is skewed, [...]

Poem: Amnesia – 18/08/20

If you could forget specific parts of your life, would you willingly wipe that part of your mind?   Would you trade unwanted thoughts, experiences and dreams  for empty compartments, nothing to sift through, nothing to see?   But is this not at the detriment of your history, your comparison of experiences, the gratitude of [...]