Poem: Wildflowers – 23/08/20

Wildflowers aren’t only beautiful because they’re free, they beckon to us from between the blades of grass, thick trunks of trees, their scent permeates the fields, tickles our noses when we bend to admire, we must understand their beauty’s power.   They are softer in texture than they look, just like many of us, who [...]

Poem: Murmur – 23/08/20

I murmur into the darkness, whisper softly, I breathe,   complex heart-song, twisted tuning, haunted melodies,   I open my eyes only to see a triptych of beauty,   artistic finery, talent conjoined with colour refined in shades only for me.   I murmur, I murmur, I murmur,   softly, now, see? I traverse through [...]