Poem: The Raspberry Crusher – 31/01/20

I taste the tartness carelessly left coating my teeth, raspberry goodness, sour, slimy, almost eye wincing still ripely sweet,   my eyes widen, a great surprise, as I absorb the flavoursome layer, my tastebuds tingle, they tango, sweetness most certainly assured, if we’ve detoxed from refined treats prior.   The naturalness of Nature’s offerings I [...]

Poem: Fruit and Veg – 22/11/19

A charming little scene, a still life in my mind, an aubergine, an orange, a laughing apple with squinting eyes.   The contended little aubergine is centred in our sight, while the mischievous orange directly to the side seems to know something, we can tell this from his grin and laughingly delighted eyes.   And [...]