Poem: The Working Week – 01/08/20

Monday draaags himself in, he doesn’t want to be here, other Mondays wave from behind stern mugs of coffee, they also don't wish to be here. Sunday and Saturday had the time of their lives the previous days, they celebrated and socialised in a manner that really was purely wholehearted in so many ways.   [...]

Poem: The Computer Helps You Lie – 30/06/20

The computer helps you lie, it’s a well-known fact of life, the ability to dance fingertips on keys like the Devil’s never-ending trill.   They fly across, a flurry, and suddenly, without me knowing, fiction has taken over, that’s welcome news to me.   No more disguising of one’s facts, like bullets shot impolitely, rat-a-tat-tat, [...]

Poem: The Raspberry Crusher – 31/01/20

I taste the tartness carelessly left coating my teeth, raspberry goodness, sour, slimy, almost eye wincing still ripely sweet,   my eyes widen, a great surprise, as I absorb the flavoursome layer, my tastebuds tingle, they tango, sweetness most certainly assured, if we’ve detoxed from refined treats prior.   The naturalness of Nature’s offerings I [...]