Poem: Hit and Miss – 30/06/20

Sorry about that! I say,
and scoot out of the way.
I didn’t mean to speak out of turn.
Sometimes my ideas carry offense,
fall flat on their face,
when will I learn to discern?
It’s okay, you reassure, there’s no harm in experimenting,
but sometimes what you think is entertaining
is just damned wrong and overwhelming.
I agree, I return, I’ll tell you the truth,
I try really hard to gain favour from you.
I know, we know, we empathise with your plight,
better to write something, and not post it,
instead, sleep on it for the night.
Then awake with fresh eyes,
a fresh mind,
and then you’ll be ready to say:
rubbish bin or approved pile??
Your post has been published:

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved. 
Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

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  1. The delicate ensemble of don’t you dare and hiding from the scorn. High pressure writing is when we validate ourselves with the like of another. There is no hiding it. Getting a like feels fantastic. And there is immense pressure at times when people bare themselves hoping for even one. And careful selection of content is a must. And there is a hidden difficulty of striking a balance between artist self expression and public acceptance.

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    1. That’s a valid point you’ve brought up: the dance between appropriateness and artistic expression. Perhaps I think talking about my life is very important: others may not think so. But it serves a purpose to me, and is cathartic. But then, how can I expect to please my readers when I seem to mostly be entertaining or thinking of my needs and wants in serving a purpose from what I’m writing? It is a delicate balance.


      1. There’s always been that struggle with gifting purpose to others and they intertwining with it. I used to be a heavy advocate of personal development, so heavy that in forums I was blinded by my own indulgent belief of purpose. I find that with my age now, I can say that others want the same. They want to contribute and be validated. That’s why some may say nothing. They may not think it valued, or as a valid contribution. The ‘will you like mine too’ is a general human thing. Also people don’t often like meaning rehashed. They may have heard Mrs XYZ of something.com say what you’re saying and thus have already been moved by it.

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        1. I understand what you’ve said. Sometimes I go to make a comment on someone’s post and end up rewording it over and over, fearing it is not “enough” or will come across as cliche so I delete it and don’t post anything. It’s more a slight insecurity rather than anything. The fear of not saying enough.


  2. Yes ,it’s that delicate balance between wanting to please yourself and wanting to please others. The constant tug-of-war.

    This poem’s crap
    But what the heck
    I’ll post it up
    Despite a wreck


    Wow! must write more crap…..

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  3. Do I post what I feel to be right and true?….Post what you feel to be right and true. Don’t be swayed by will others like it? What will others think? You created the Lauren Hancock website. It’s your your own personal ‘playground’. Play in it to your true self. Not always what others want. Not always easy. The old tug-of- war……

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    1. Thanks, Don. I really appreciate this comment and what you’ve said. You’re right; it is my world and I should present what I feel represents me. While I will always have my audience in mind, I need to be true to myself also. Thank you for reminding me. 🙂


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