Poem: Obsidian – 19/09/21

I look to the sky with haste, why has thou forsaken me, in my time of need? Every inch of me screams to be heard, every centimetre to be held close. The raw aching state of my soft flesh cuts into my plans, wreaking havoc on a once-perfectly addled mind, states of being which soared with creativity, more and more, until even I couldn’t believe what avant-garde moments were coming from me. [...]

Prose: River of Consciousness – 15/09/21

I feel the river of consciousness flowing, the flow of ethereal joy growing, and the prism of light shine and increase within me, a quiet sense of knowing. Knowledge that life will continue to improve, it is with focus and intent that I’m aware I’ll keep this view, with positivity, an ample amount, enough to dampen any sense of fear or doubt, in myself I have trust and the knowledge that to myself and close others, I will be able to remain devout. There can be occasions when I wonder, have I strayed from the righteous path, was there something awry I performed, or have I mistrusted, an inability to inadequately and naively discern, when really I should have upped and away without a goodbye, from past experiences, perhaps still never having learnt. [...]

Poem: Beautiful Soul Knowledge – 04/09/21

It is a part of me, my choice of which to give, openly or freely, absolutely willingly, the freedom of positivity, the decision to make amends, correct that abstract thought pattern, that negative plane doesn’t befit my type of Earth, but instead I will reach within, grasp, grapple, with whatever there is to see, a part of me is becoming courageous, and knowing, and I love to be encouraging, and I will speak with kindness not only to others, but also to myself, inside, outside, directness, shooting internally, the truths, the prisms of light my heart has been seeking, [...]

Poem: Enchanting – 31/08/21

Visions beam, no visions blurred, enchanting be thy presence, welcome, my essence yours, entitled though the path once it might have seemed, bewilderment now as far as breath can be heaved. Pounding, irreverent, knocking at my door, ask permission? I insist you implore, wondering yet not at the soft curls upon my head, cascading down gentle curvatures, have I made my tired bed? [...]

Poem ~Stream of Consciousness: Precious Artefacts – 26/08/21

breathe in with the power of my soul, my inner truth, I enter my cavern, the whirlwind of my mind as extravagant windswept daze enlightens every phase, whether past or present, it is whole, in the right place, about face, I will take the first step in knowing that I, I am the creator of what I need to manifest, I have the strength, the desire, the power, to make my world amazing or something worthy of being devoured whole, in momentum, perfection in its truest form is what I once sought but now, keeping them at the length of my arm's are those conformers, that I needed to be right, look like this or that, [...]