poem: cherished – 28/03/22

the magic of the Universe calls
spiral patterns curl
reminding us of grandma,
mother and child
the lush serene nature
of breath
glows from Gaia’s glorious eyes
enlivened spirits
exploring elves
glittering sprightly sprites.
I am amazed by the clouded blue before me
above rainbows threaten to fall
magnificent oceans,
raging and still, waiting
for the next wet treasure from
Nature’s dripping eyes
a blessing unto the animals
forest dwellers
and rainforest homes
deserts with Libyan sand
and zircon from a mystical land we should roam;
emerald green reflected in
the water of savannah’s dreams.
Magic all around
this world we call home
cherish it we must
trees to shoot forth,
the jungle cats
sleek and pleased
birds soar on high
eagles rise, swans dive.
Precious be the little bugs
who escape most eyes
rescued spiders then released from harm
by hands who love them to hide
entranced, enchanted
by the world we have here
already created for us
respect Gaia
let us not destroy this bliss
remain spellbound
know her
love, seal Nature’s union with a kiss.

© 2022 Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose. All rights reserved.
Artwork by KELLEPICS on Pixabay.

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