Micropoetry: Visions and Proof – 06/09/21

pray for the wisdom, for the strength to view the truth, now what's here before your eyes and really is ultimately sheer proof, an enlightening of visions within the soul, reflected in our orbs' mirrors, feel the heartbeats within me, wouldn't you, didn't you know? understanding that we all have tales, winding, rivers of secrecy and shires to explore? but these to no avail. [...]

Poem: Good Enough – 17/12/20

Preparation and anxiety will I be good enough, can they, will they see? Can’t they understand that this is a mere portion of me? Will they judge this slice of myself I’ve allowed them to hold, made myself free? For interest’s sake of understanding myself, I’ve had to type and analyse myself, not the present but the past, it is how the foundations knew [...]

Micro Poem: Along the Dotted Line – 03/07/20

Could you condense yourself into a single line? You, every fibre of your being, exposed, viewable, entwined.   Who’s that knocking at the door? Pounding, “I’m here”, your intrepid war cry, single line, single file your name scrawled with mine. © 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.  Image by Julie Rose from Pixabay https://youtu.be/fyzGXV7NX7Y [...]