Poem: Breathe Freely – 04/09/21

I woke up today with this feeling improvements are coming my way. I roused today with the knowledge amid the blustering breeze gritty cares will be transported away. I am aware now that I am stronger, as I grow, irreverent words pool, tide carries them to sand and soil, away, angelic beats of beauties in expiring melted snow heralding a new era, trumpets to ears; nothing much left to say, but, I was forthcoming, I severed a tie, temporarily it must be, unless truth, future and beauty cause the past to decay, and a lifelong extension may be necessary in order for me to freely breathe.

Poem: Adore – 20/08/21

Tempt the temptress, her former lucid life, where round and about the memories her behaviour once was rife, and haunting her, within her sheets is music sounding on repeat, that jingle jangle, emotive, replete, hanging on the edge, fumbled footsteps on a road so steep, into history these words shall keep. Taunt not the woman for being dumb- founded by the options before her, numb, was she, her vision pure, or so it seemed, far less than demure. [...]