Poem: Viewing Me – 19/08/21

White hot memory sears within,
anointed scars invisible yet protruding,
baring all that could be seen
whilst disguising what’s most precious to me,

a walking conundrum,
I want to be viewed
but not open for judgement
or to be perused.

What happened to resurrecting a dream,
from a far-off, whimsical place
where my abounding energy and spirit
can be encouraged?

Where sweet, precious moments,
caring eyes fall upon
that which carry me,
assist me to travel through life.

Essentially speaking,
my intent is not for
all memories to once again breathe,

they have before laid dormant,
tucked away,
unforgotten, forgotten,
or so it seemed,

but a moment of rumination
and here they are,
back again,

surprising though,
they cause no harm,
at least not now,
they’re located beyond high walls.

And why bother with analysis
when times were dusted and done,
one and three,
lucky thirteen,
has it be so very long?

Choices made do not matter,
it was a different life,
no one’s going to be affected anymore,
but me,
tarred reputation need not matter;
I’ll never hear the sound of pitter-patter.

Nowadays, I’m renewed,
life path though somewhat directionless to some,
I still achieve small tasks daily,
becoming more, myself I’m learning
to be amazed with,
for compared to how crumbled I’d been
as a total sum,
it made me wish to sob, to cry,
and then some.

Yet here I am, reigning triumphant,
with a precious relationship between heart and mind,
beating, pounding, ecstatic,
for, forward, tomorrow,
this journey means everything,
I say goodbye to sorrows.

Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
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