Poem: Flushed Magnolias – 28/07/21

the strength within is something which must be seen, peel away those layers, let us view within, the armour, so thickly wrought, over years of abuse and mockery, self-taught, self-taught. darling, it’s time to make that move, inhabit a better place, wipe away your gloom, shine bright unto another day, and then the next, your armour always protects, come what may. [...]

Poem: He Inhales My Essence – Spoken Word and Text – 16/06/20

He inhales my essence as I sleep, as I dream, through clouded mirages I wander, through open loving scenes.   A pillowy path weaves around my dreamy garden, poetic words dangle from the bushes; I greedily grab at them.   Unaware as he breathes me in, taking in my dreamscape, certain fantasies,   poignant moments, [...]