Poem: Flushed Magnolias – 28/07/21

the strength within is something which
must be seen,
peel away those layers,
let us view within,
the armour, so thickly wrought,
over years of abuse and mockery,
self-taught, self-taught.

darling, it’s time to make that move,
inhabit a better place,
wipe away your gloom,
shine bright unto another day
and then the next,
your armour always protects,
come what may.

I know, I know, sweetheart,
that at times it hurts,
recalling that past behaviour,
sour-filled words,
you didn’t speak kindly to yourself,
you spoke down to your ego,
denigrated your heart,
and at times, you tore yourself apart,

but now, you can reach forth,
aim for the stars,
show that strength within that
came with truth, experience,
and the strongest of arms.

know this, darling,
my sweetheart,
the yearning
for more, from life,
from your world,
the pain is done,
watch as your kingdom will come,
truth be told the errors of self-talk
will come undone,
and your language will become fluent
with self-love.

it’s time to breathe freely,
no encumbered breaths,
infant-milky scent,
from innocence you have grown,
and into more, a strong woman
you have become,

in fact, shed that armour,
for its strength has become a
part of you,
there’s no need for chainmail
or steel layers
when life’s become more peaceful,
more spiritual
than a vase of flushed magnolias.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by photos_by_ginny from Pexels

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