Poem: Freedom Heart – 22/04/21

Strident tones announced from the bell of a trumpet, I’d smile but I won’t show it, I thought this was the chance to recommence, but now, it’ll all be past tense. To progress from the murky muck, a heart flitters nervously, a gut’s contents begins to rot, I thought I could do this, I thought I was strong, but it seems the better route is to go where I am accepted and [...]

Prose and Poetry: Explorers of a Breathing Forest – 15/10/19

Your eyes dart from left to right. Taking in the view, you know you appear confused. But, what does it matter? Appearances are nothing when you are alone, surrounded by no other living things. The forest appears to breathe though, with life it heaves and puffs, the life within these trees, this shrubbery, this undergrowth, [...]