Poem: Springing Forth – 10/10/21

I feel a sense of hope,
of positivity and
I need not want
for anything
because happiness,
I already have it,
it’s that glimmer of
ostentatious gold
which drips with
wanton thread,
grasping my eyes with its beauty,
wonder to the skies to be had.
This hope is already present,
I finger it, golden beads,
like rich fruit dripping from
luscious mango trees,
and here and now,
with gentle abandon
I will come undone,
this superfluous yet entirely
wanted feeling of joy
springs forth,
Hope, my friend, of you,
I know.
It’s not like anything I’ve
experienced before,
I cannot fathom this dire need
that begged me to change, change, change
for my outlook
was pessimistic indeed,
but with this glimmer,
these shining drops of sparkling
gold that I clutch
tightly to my chest,
I am happy,
I am present,
I smile without corners
of my mouth trembling,
I’m comfortable,
and this is a fact.
I can look each of you
in the eye and tell you
with conviction indeed
that my heart is again
beginning to blossom
and I’m doing it,
purposefully, on my own,
with subtle ease,
can’t deny myself from
embracing happiness,
I won’t allow any to
dampen my spirits,
if you’ll let me,
permit me to rise with you,
together, discomfort,
we can conquer it.
Bliss can only be
but fingertips away,
present, invisible in
the moment,
yet experiences waiting
to be had
day by day,
it will only take
and confidence in myself,
and telling myself
I am worth it,
there is always justification
to further delve.
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
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